ethereal_lad (ethereal_lad) wrote in fantasywithbite,

Book Recommenations: Foster and Singleton

Returning My Sister's Face, by Eugie Foster.  A collection of retold and original folktales that draw from Asian motifs.  Bits of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean history peek through this brief collection. Foster's tone ranges from dark to light and whimsical, and there's even a lesbian story in the mix that feels as organically part of the sequence as the more traditional tales.  Lovers of fairytale fiction will find much to enjoy.

The Poison Garden, by Sarah Singleton.  Singleton has been writing YA fantasy for a few years now.  Her latest novel is a gothic fantasy set in the late 1800s.  Young Thomas inherits a strange magic box from his grandmother that provides access to a garden.  His grandmother's revenant explains that she was murdered, and tasks him to discover the mystery of her death.  Thomas joins a secret society of gardeners, possessors of herbal magic, and finds himself at the middle of a world of dark secrets.  The pacing in this novel is wonderful, and the penny dreadful narrative mixes British, Arthurian and esoteric mythology, pocket universes, ghosts, murder and creepy houses in a unique way that keeps you turning the pages.  Singleton is also superior stylist--there's real beauty in her descriptive writing.


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