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fantasywithbite's Journal

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Fantasy fiction that's out of the ordinary
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This is a group for the discussion of the kind of fantasy fiction that tends to get ignored on most fantasy forums and communities. Fantasy that’s off the beaten track to some extent. We won’t be discussing Tolkien, and we won’t be discussing commercial doorstopper fantasy like The Wheel of Time, or Dungeons & Dragons tie-in books. We will discuss just about every other variety of fantasy literature (and occasionally films) that you can think of. Fantasy authors like Tim Powers, China Miéville, Tanith Lee, Guy Gavriel Kay, Mary Gentle, etc, plus magic realism, slipstream, weird fiction, the New Weird, even gothic and surrealism. Books that blur the boundaries between fantasy and science fiction and between fantasy and other genres will also be subjects for discussion.

I didn’t want just another fantasy fiction community – I wanted to do something different.

The best guide to what’s on-topic is the list of authors you’ll find in the “interests” list.

Any posts that appear to be by members promoting their own books (or movies, or whatever) will be deleted, and persistent offenders will be banned. This is not a writers' workshop or a place to promote your own work.

On the other hand I have no problems with promotion of other communities as long as they’re reasonably relevant.

There's only one real rule here - no political discussions of any kind. Politics has killed too many online groups.

This community is maintained by dfordoom.

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